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Amazonica Releases The Lead Single 'New Start' of Her Upcoming Album

London-based artist Amazonica has released her latest single "New Start", a powerful blend of gothic rock and trap music that serves as the lead track from her upcoming self-produced album "Victory".

Having overcome personal struggles, Amazonica's journey to self-discovery and transformation is reflected in the lyrics of "New Start" which speak of hope and renewal. The song was crafted in her own living room before receiving additional production touches at the ASSULT & BATTERY studios in London. The accompanying music video pays homage to Depeche Mode's iconic "Enjoy The Silence", adding a visual layer to Amazonica's musical narrative.

With "New Start" Amazonica aims to inspire her audience with a message of resilience and positivity, emphasizing the importance of embracing new beginnings. The song's haunting melodies and trap-infused beats create a dark yet captivating atmosphere, showcasing Amazonica's unique and emotive style.

As a respected DJ and producer, Amazonica continues to push boundaries and showcase her talent, solidifying her position as a dynamic and authentic artist in the global music scene.


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