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Alyssa Rallo Bennett's 'Call Me Petty' – An Energetic Mix of 90s Alternative and Pop Punk

Alyssa Rallo Bennett, known for her work in filmmaking, returns to her musical roots with her latest single 'Call Me Petty'. The track combines the elements of 90s alternative and pop punk to create an energetic and catchy mix that is sure to resonate with fans of the genre.

Featuring crunchy guitars, driving drums, and just enough punk sneer, 'Call Me Petty' showcases Alyssa Bennett's versatility as a musician and songwriter. Drawing inspiration from her early days of playing guitar and piano, as well as her experience singing with a rock group in college, Bennett brings a raw and unapologetic energy to her music.

As the daughter of a poet and theatrical mother, Bennett's songwriting is infused with storytelling and depth. 'Call Me Petty' is a testament to her ability to capture emotions and experiences through her lyrics and music.

Alyssa Rallo Bennett's debut album 'ANYMORE' serves as a reflection of her journey as both a filmmaker and a musician. With 'Call Me Petty' as a strong introduction, fans can expect an album filled with powerful storytelling and a mix of genres that showcases Bennett's diverse range as an artist.

In summary, Alyssa Rallo Bennett's 'Call Me Petty' is an energetic blend of 90s alternative and pop punk that delivers catchy hooks, intense instrumentals, and honest lyricism. It is a promising single from an artist with a unique perspective and talent for storytelling through music.

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