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Allegra unveils latest single 'Love You Right Back', remixed by DJ ALOK.

London-based artist Allegra, known for her breakout collaboration with Tiësto, has unveiled her latest single "Love You Right Back", remixed by the renowned DJ ALOK.

The track, released through Radikal Records, is a high-energy anthem that seamlessly blends emotive vocals, dynamic synths, and pulsating beats, showcasing Allegra's unique mix of passion and pop flair. ALOK's remix strikes a perfect balance between club vibes and mainstream appeal, demonstrating his exceptional talent and influence in the global music scene.

With a string of successful singles under her belt, Allegra continues to make waves with her infectious sound and unwavering determination. ALOK, impressed by Allegra's talent, expressed his excitement for the collaboration, highlighting her immense skill as an artist.

Allegra's track record of chart-topping hits and millions of streams solidifies her position as a rising star in the music industry. Check out the latest remix below.


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