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'2 Roads': Floss Jordan's Cinematic Soundtrack

Floss Jordan, a multifaceted artist with a background in music production, showcases her ethereal and cinematic sound in her latest single '2 Roads'.

Drawing from her experiences as a dancer and model, Floss Jordan's music serves as a therapeutic outlet and a reflection of life's journey. Collaborating with Ian Curnow, '2 Roads' delves into themes of uncertainty and inner conflict, resonating with listeners on a profound level. Floss Jordan's extensive vocal range shines through in this track, taking the audience on a captivating musical journey.

With a portfolio of songs that showcase her versatility, Floss Jordan's latest release is a testament to her genre-defying artistry. '2 Roads' is a poignant reminder that life's path may be filled with challenges, but it is also a source of wonder and growth.

'2 Roads' is out now everywhere. Check it out below to experience Floss Jordan's evocative storytelling through music.


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